The Kamiyama International Accelerator


The Kamiyama Sector 6 Accelerator

The International Chamber of Innovation, Commerce & Enterprise (ICICE) and Green Valley, Inc. (NPO法人グリーンバレー) are co-founding Sector Six (S6IX), the Kamiyama International Accelerator program in Kamiyama, Tokushima on Japan’s Shikoku Island. The accelerator offers market entry opportunities to international tech and non-tech startups in agriculture, food, consumer packaged goods (CPG), nutrition and healthcare, as related to improving access and quality. A recruitment process is run for the accelerator, involving scouting and engagement by ICICE.

The ICICE is a Japan-based international business league made up of “knowledge professionals”from academia, government, and private sector who understand the knowledge economy. We favor the principle of intangible assets (i.e., human capacity, intellectual capital, know-how, etc.) as value drivers. We share a common ambition—sustained prosperity for our businesses, institutions and knowledge clusters.

The ICICE serves as a global platform for networking, exchange and enterprise-building for who are interested in exploring the potential for research innovation, technology investment and licensing.

  • We support the free and open exchange of internationally diverse experiences and ideas;
  • We hope to spark innovation and adapt our organizational cultures and processes to the demands of globalization;
  • We reach out to innovation stakeholders, develops global linkages within key industries, and increase participation among international knowledge clusters and markets; and
  • We promote and support the development of knowledge as capital and, thereby, advance the innovation sciences to meet the commercial and R&D interests of members and the international industry.

Green Valley, Inc. is a local non-profit organization with a mission to solve regional problems toward building a self-sustaining and economically independent community in Kamiyama. Green Valley, Inc. aims to reinvent Kamiyama and turn it into an exciting and creative place, often referred to as "Global Kamiyama". With Green Valley, Inc.'s support, Kamiyama has become a model for Japanese societies and changed how people work and live in Japan's rural areas. In Kamiyama, Green Valley, Inc. provides support for visiting artists and mid- to long-term visitors, provides information about Japan (particularly Shikoku), stimulates the local economy and encourages cultural development, find solutions for rural problems and act as a model for other regions to follow, and improve local living conditions and the natural environment.

To apply for the 2021 Kamiyama Sector 6 Accelerator, please contact us directly.